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Heating hoses for hot-melt adhesives

Plastic and automotive structures have been unimaginable without adhesives for years; indeed, continuous improvements in adhesive characteristics constantly expand their fields of application. Whether in the engine compartment, interior panelling, plastic parts on the dashboard or bumper, upholstery, seat covers, etc, adhesives have gained acceptance as an outstanding fastening method. However, the adhesive's characteristics are

Racking up a win

Giant circular gear rack manufactured for malt beer or whisky kiln vessel Recently, an expert in the supply of precision-engineered parts was tasked with supplying the first of two giant 44m gear racks for use on germinating kiln vessels (GKV) for a malt producer based in the UK. The second gear rack will be delivered

New rotary batch mixer

A new model 700-THX-50-ARI Rotary Batch Mixer from Munson Machinery blends abrasive materials such as concrete, premix, mortar mix, glass/cullet, fibreglass, refractories, tungsten powder and ceramics, in one to three minutes with minimised abrasive wear or product degradation.   The mixer features abrasion-resistant steel material contact surfaces, internal mixing flights with easy-to-replace wear plates and

New impact-resistant sight glass

Dixon recently introduced a new compact, impact-resistant sight glass. This new sight glass will be widely used in food, dairy and beverage hygienic processes to view products and fluids. The design is perfect for hoses and high traffic areas due to its Lexan glass and a stainless steel body construction. It is ideal for arduous

Transformative technology

Dr Jin Ooi reveals how digital element modelling is revolutionising process industries In May 2017, the British government announced the launch of an innovative new scheme to radically improve productivity within the UK’s process manufacturing sector. The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), a government-funded body responsible for facilitating and funding innovation within process led sectors,

Re-inventing the process industry

Modular plant concepts are globally on the rise as they shorten development and product cycles If you want to compete in today’s dynamic world markets, flexibility is key – in every aspect. Smaller batches, more specialised products, faster cycles — in the end, the quality needs to be right. The tools for this are modularisation,

MaterialCenter 2017 Streamlines Material Selection for Product Designs

MSC Software has released the 2017 version of its material data and process management platform MaterialCenter. Engineers can use MaterialCenter 2017 for their materials development and data reuse libraries. This will help them keep track of material data for everything from simulations to design engineering. Engineers can use MaterialCenter to assess which substance matches their

Setting new standards in hoses

Willi Emde discusses standard-tested hoses for greater security in the operational process Hose lines are often referred to as a weak machine component ¬– unfairly, as it happens. Sometimes they are capable of more than pipelines, and their flexibility is what makes the production process itself truly flexible. In some cases hoses are absolutely indispensable.

A cool new approach

Advances in heat transfer herald a new dawn for plant temperature control The design and installation of efficient temperature control within plant systems has been subject to a lack of innovation for decades, and plant managers and installers have long-suffered a dearth of choice. Ammonia has been used as a primary refrigerant in industrial applications

Fast food pumping

Bredel CIP pumps to a global brand sauce and condiments manufacturing plant Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) has supplied Bredel CIP (clean-in-place) pumps to a global brand sauce and condiments manufacturing plant in Russia. Replacing pumps that were proving difficult to clean and maintain, Bredel CIP 50 models are being used to pump products that include