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Topology Optimization Lifts the Weight for Injection Molding

With 3D printing, the promise has become the ability to manufacture end parts, on demand and often with unique geometries that could not be produced using any other technology. In fact, this emerging area of generative design opens up previously impossible shapes that can reduce the material and weight of a 3D-printed part while increasing

Managing the rise in powdered food

Stephen Harding explains how powder manufacturers can maximise throughput and efficiency. He focusses on the use of ultrasonic screening equipment and how it can overcome screen blinding issues Avid gym-goers and time-pressed managers alike have undoubtedly noticed the rise in powdered food products in recent years. While they offer a quick fix for consumers, the

Gearing up

Graham Mackrell looks at the gearing requirements for broadcast cameras This year’s IAAF World Athletics Championships, held in London, attracted millions of viewers around the world, all tuning in to see stars such as Mo Farah and Usain Bolt’s final hurrah. The filming of the event had be up to the same standard as the

Lessons Engineers and Architects Should Learn from Nature and Topology Optimization

Biomimicry Marries Aesthetics and Engineering—Not Just One or the Other The design inspiration for these pillars at the Stuttgart Airport shouldn’t stump you very long. This arboretum of branching supports is optimized with respect to a strength-to-weight ratio. (Image courtesy of Altair.) Nature has had millions of years of evolution to optimize structure to best

SSDs with 64-Layer 3D Flash memory

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the development of two new flagship enterprise solid state drive (SSD) solutions, the TMC PM5 12Gbit/s SAS series and the CM5 NVM Express (NVMe)series. Development is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter. Both product lines are built with TMC’s latest 64 layer, 3-bit-per-cell enterprise-class TLC (triple-level cell) BiCS FLASH,

Energy efficient robots

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how three technologies can improve the energy efficiency of industrial robots From placing bricks in the toilet cistern, to cling film over the windows, there are many ways to save pennies on your energy bill. In manufacturing, saving energy can be a whole lot simpler and making small but significant changes can

Machine learning

Driving reliability and improving maintenance outcomes. By Mike Brooks There is a significant need to carry out failure prevention using data-driven truths rather than guesstimates. The combination of mechanical and process induced breakdowns costs up to ten per cent of a worldwide $1.4 trillion manufacturing market per a 2012 report from The McKinsey Global Institute.

Tube couplings: alternative to ferrule fittings

With the newly developed VOSSLok40 tube coupling system, Voss is now offering users of 40° ferrule fittings a high-quality alternative. The system is based on the principle of tube forming established in hydraulics. With VOSSLok40 the company is transferring its many years of experience with forming systems for hydraulic connections into sectors that normally use

Theorem’s Publish 3D Encapsulates CAD Data

Having the same product design data is elemental for a design team bringing an object from an abstraction in the brain to its digital form and then the physical world. Everyone simply should have the latest technical data, including the most recent changes. Publish 3D, from Theorem Solutions, uses Adobe’s common PDF Reader as a

Lubricating the halal food market

Mark Burnett looks at the role of food-safe lubricants in halal food production and ensuring machinery is contaminant-free and fully-functional The growing halal food market means that plant managers need to be more aware of issues such as adapting production lines, potential sources of contamination and choosing a food grade lubricant for equipment and machinery.