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Boards provide wireless support

RS Components (RS) is extending its portfolio of high-quality development boards with the introduction of two new SmartEverything solutions from Arrow. The SmartEverything LION IoT development system-on-module (SoM) board and the SmartEverything ARIS IoT board both offer support for Internet of Things (IoT) application development. The SmartEverything LION SoM board is based on an Arduino

Predicting efficiency

Jonathan Wilkins discusses the benefits that predictive analytics holds for automation In 1955, Variety magazine infamously predicted that rock ‘n’ roll would all be over by June. It is quite apparent more than 60 years later, that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Accurate predictions of industry trends and patterns are crucial for many

Hygienic ultrasonic sensors mounting kits

Hoffmann-Krippner announces the availability of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) certified hygienic mounting kit for PiL’s P53 Steel Head ultrasonic sensors. This new, off the shelf, hygienic sensor solution has been designed for the food and beverage sector and chemical and pharmaceutical industries – suitable for any manufacturing/assembly/bottling/packaging system that requires a

Plastic bearings make the grade

Miniature and specialist bearings and relubrication provider, SMB Bearings, has launched a range of plastic bearings that provide non-magnetic, chemical resistant options to a variety of industries and manufacturers. The bearings provide a cost-effective solution to a range of niche markets, where traditional bearings would not be appropriate. Bearings are available in a variety of

Wide temperature memory module

Actively expanding its industrial memory products, the industrial memory brand Apacer Technology, with the full support of its strategic partner Samsung Electronics C., Ltd, has built its DDR4 wide temperature memory module series with positive market response. Using industrial-grade chips, the memory module series provides a rugged solution for industrial equipments operating under extreme temperatures

Interference-free cabling

Long lines for distributed loads can emit and be susceptible to interference which can affect the connected loads. However, the loads work without disruption as long as a few basic rules are observed when it comes to cabling. Martin Tenhumberg and Werner Wölfle report Modern devices and systems are generally complex, their electrical/electronic components are

Digital plant in palm of your hand

Emerson is launching DeltaV Mobile, a new platform that leverages Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to empower the manufacturing engineer of the future with the most complete access to real-time data, trends and insight to make better-informed, critical operations decisions – securely from anywhere in the world. Part of Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem, DeltaV

Simulating Rolling Noise from a Train for Silent Travel

In every train, there are numerous sources of noise. Engineers need to assess how these will affect the comfort and experience of a passenger in transit. (Image courtesy of ESI Group.) When you’re a kid, you want to hear every bump, squeal and chugalug while riding the train rushing towards a far-off adventure with your

Collaboration Driving Force for Inspire Unlimited’s Jump to the Cloud

Inspire Unlimited Platform gives users more freedom of how to access the software and how much of an investment they need to make. (Image courtesy of solidThinking.) Inspire Unlimited is now available, in the form of a free public Beta, to engineers around the world since it’s initial announcement and limited free trial last year. The release

Three tips for heat transfer systems

Clive Jones gives three considerations for manufacturers operating thermal fluid heat transfer systems to safeguard the system’s future for the long term The Oxford Electric Bell has been ringing constantly for over 175 years – so much so, that the apparatus has been dubbed the world’s most durable battery. But after all this time, it