Roundup of Creo News

Discovery Live in Creo being demonstrated on stage at LiveWorx 2018. PTC’s annual conference LiveWorx took place this week in Boston, and though PTC has been very focused on the Internet of Things in recent years (and remains so), the company gave some much-needed love to its CAD platform, Creo. The most exciting announcement was

VW Unveils ANSYS-designed Electric Sports Car

Hillclimbing is one of the oldest forms of motorsport in the world, with the first recorded hillclimb event occurring near Nice, France, in 1897. A hillclimb, as you would expect from the name, is an event where cars race along a continuously uphill track to the finish line. VW Motorsport is bringing hillclimbing into the

Nuclear lab performs LIMS upgrades

By working closely with Autoscribe on the upgrade of Matrix 4 to Matrix Gemini, staff at Cavendish Nuclear’s environmental laboratory have become so proficient in using Gemini’s one-time configuration tools that they manage and implement any updates and developments to their own system as their needs arise. Cavendish Nuclear’s environmental laboratory is an internationally recognised

Higher calling: improving safety with drones

As much as the average person may not like to focus on worst-case scenarios, there are many people for whom doing just that constitutes a major part of their job. Not only could a worst-case scenario in industries like oil and gas, critical infrastructure or nuclear energy mean bad news for the business involved, it

New radio remote controls for hoists and cranes

Three remote control models are now available from J D Neuhaus (JDN), RC-X, RC-S and RC-SP, each comprising of a transmitter and receiver and all can either be integrated in existing JDN solutions or directly combined with a new JDN hoist. One of the many advantages of the new JDN receiver is its rigid and

Enhanced connectivity for multi-gas detectors

Honeywell has announced a new Bluetooth-enabled device that brings connectivity to its BW portable multi-gas detectors so companies can monitor their employees’ safety remotely, respond to emergencies faster and avoid downtime.  The new offering, part of Honeywell’s Connected Worker portfolio, allows companies to add connectivity to hundreds of thousands of gas detectors in service today. The

ANSYS Discovery Live comes to PTC Creo

Fans of ANSYS Discovery Live will be pleased to learn that PTC Creo users will soon be able to use Discovery Live within PTC Creo thanks to a new partnership recently announced by ANSYS and PTC. The announcement was made during the recent LiveWorx 18 event, where audience members were treated to a demonstration of

EV faster than a Formula 1 car

The paragraph in the regulations for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is clear: Should participants be forced to suspend their run for safety reasons, they have exactly 20 minutes in which to prepare for their second attempt and to return to the start line. “This time frame was a crucial factor when configuring the

New line of gold-plated calibration kits

Fairview Microwave has launched a new line of 4-in-1 3.5mm calibration kits for cable verification, antenna measurement and other field test and measurement applications.    The new line of integrated, short-open-load-through (SOLT) calibration kits is made-up of two models that have a 26.5 GHz calibration capability. They feature a compact, lightweight, 4-in-1 design package with

Rethinking electric vehicle component design

As sales of electric vehicles rise and companies begin to capitalise on the increased adoption of the technology, REO UK is urging the industry to consider the three areas of concern: component design, charging infrastructure and battery technology. As part of its call-to-action, the company has released a whitepaper exploring these issues, which can be