Flux's Electromagnetic Simulation Users Gain Co-Simulation Ability

Figure 1: Circuit editing in Flux (Image courtesy of solidThinking.) Users of Flux, the low frequency electromagnetic and thermal simulation software, will now be able to use co-simulation with solidThinking Activate. Flux, a part of the Altair HyperWorks simulation platform, has released its latest version, Flux 12.3, which includes several new enhancements, including higher quality

Smallest footprint and highest efficiency PMIC

Intersil introduces a highly integrated programmable power management IC (PMIC) that delivers 91% efficiency at 1.1V output voltage for application processors, GPUs, FPGAs and high-performance system power. The new PMIC’s low RDS(on) MOSFETs and programmable PWM frequency allows designers to use fewer low-profile external components, enabling a 50mm2 power-supply that is 40% smaller than competing

Non-contact colour measurement

Colour measurement sensors have been used for several years in R&D and production environments. However, in recent years significant improvements in measurement speed and accuracy have created many more uses for these sensors. Therefore, in order to successfully utilise the benefits that modern colour sensors can offer, it is important to understand how sensors measure

Foundation Fieldbus actuators for record-breaking CCPP

EDF’s new-generation combined-cycle power plant (CCPP) in Bouchain, France, deploys electric actuators from AUMA for its challenging valve automation tasks.  With a record thermal efficiency of 62.22%, the plant was rated the world’s most efficient gas-fired power plant by Guinness World Records. The plant uses a single GE 9HA gas turbine and has a generating

New housing for connector system

The CombiTac system from Stäubli Electrical Connectors now features a light housing with centralised locking. The new housing was specially designed for industrial test applications across a variety of industries. It features an innovative centralised locking mechanism that’s as easy to use as ‘a quarter-turn to open, a quarter-turn to close’. The benefits are obvious.

Decommissioning developments

Nuclear safety fears fuel robot wars, reports Boris Sedacca In February 2017, Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) revealed that the radiation level in the containment vessel of reactor 2 at the stricken Fukushima No. 1 power plant reached a maximum of 530 sieverts per hour, the highest since the triple core meltdown in March 2011 when

Energy harvesting: gathering momentum

Louise Smyth meets the inventors of an innovative motion-to-energy technology that could shake up the renewable energy sector Energy harvesting concepts have been hailed as heroes of the renewable energy sector for many years now. Yet the commercial fruits of projects in this arena have so far been fairly disappointing. The main barriers to success

Power-Gen Europe

Power-Gen Europe takes place 27-29 June in Cologne, Germany. Now in its 25th year, Power-Gen Europe Europe and the co-located Renewable Energy World Europe, is the dynamic centre point where a rapidly evolving power industry meets to gather information and compare views on shared opportunities and challenges. Attracting a worldwide audience, it is the industry’s

Renewable repairs

Polymeric solutions maintain green energy progress, explains Thomas Belli The renewable energy market is continuing to go from strength to strength, with 2016 marking a series of impressive milestones versus conventional, fossil-fuelled energy. Certainly, one of the most remarkable was global investment in new renewable energy infrastructure surpassing that spent on new fossil infrastructure. This

Solar power: bright forecast

SCADA helps prove viability of thermodynamic solar power Solar panels have been a dependable energy source for decades. But to date they have tended to be confined to smaller applications in Europe, typically supplying only their local area and usually backed up by another power source in case the sun does not shine. Engineers and