Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2020

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics is a major pan-European showcase for new technology in machinery, production equipment, electronic production and assembly, tooling and components as well as subcontract services across an impressively wide range of industries. Last year the event entered its third decade with a move into its new permanent home, the £35m Farnborough International

Five innovations the moon landings bought to our daily lives

Today at 1pm Eastern Daylight Time, NASA will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 with a live two hour broadcast. NASA TV will air Apollo 11 programming including replays of the original historic Moon landing footage. President John F. Kennedy wasn’t kidding when he said going to the Moon was hard. Much of the

Veolia and Peterson welcome two more rigs in Shetland

The Dales Voe decommissioning facility in Shetland is one step closer to becoming a centre of excellence for recycling offshore structures from the North Sea with the arrival of two new installations from Spirit Energy’s ST-1 for decommissioning by Veolia and Peterson.  Now at the end of their working life recovering these platforms is important

Residential CHP motor offers a better Genset

Tests have demonstrated that a residential combined heat and power (CHP) motor developed as an Advanced Research Projects Agency — Energy (ARPA-E)-backed venture through the Generators for Small Electrical and Thermal Systems (Gensets) program offers at least a 20 per cent improvement in efficiency over the current leading alternatives.  The single-cylinder motor, which runs on

Automobili Pininfarina’s hypercar development advances

As the Battista’s wind tunnel and simulation development programme picks up speed in Italy under the guidance of Development Driver Nick Heidfeld, Automobili Pininfarina has confirmed that its first pure-electric luxury hypercar will make its public debut at The Quail on 16 August 2019. As part of a series of exclusive presentations at the House

How to select actuators for warehouse robots

Warehousing is becoming an increasingly automated system, with robots storing, retrieving and delivering packages day in, day out. In fact, some warehouses use aircraft control-style systems to organise and control their robots, due to the complexity of the system. As such, precision is fundamental for the successful operation of these places.  Here Stewart Goulding, managing

The three emerging technologies transforming manufacturing in 2019

A new report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has revealed the top ten emerging technologies that have the potential to positively disrupt our economy in 2019. Here Sophie Hand, UK country manager at automation parts supplier EU Automation, discusses the three of them that are most likely to impact the manufacturing sector. They are:

Acoustic sensor mimics bat-like echolocation

Toposens has announced the release of its latest flag-ship product TS3, a 3D ultrasonic sensor suitable for a wide range of applications in the autonomous systems market that require a strong need for reliable object detection and situational awareness.  In comparison to common ultrasonic sensors, which usually measure the distance only to the closest reflecting

Column sampling system sniffs out VOCs

Chromatotec now has a headspace sampling system designed to extract representative samples from the liquid phase. The vaporised sample can be preconcentrated using a trap to achieve quantification at very low concentration levels (ppb and/or ppm). Then, it is injected automatically and in continuous mode into the auto-GC analyser. Speciation of sulphur compounds or VOCs

Taking AM beyond the prototype stage

In the United States, an epic backyard project will see the creation of a life-size, functional Lamborghini Aventador. The car is not entirely 3D printed, but rather demonstrates the impressive potential of 3D printing for the wider vehicle industry. Here, Kostas Poulios, Principal Design and Development Engineer at Pailton Engineering, explains how 3D printing is