Prioritising tyre safety

Peter Tillotson discusses the importance of tyre safety, including the importance of checking tyres for pressure and wear According to data collected by electronic health check provider, autoVHC, the average UK dealership failed to replace 66% of severely worn or faulty tyres in July 2017. This is worrying, as tyre condition is one of the

A clear vision: the benefits of interconnectivity in the workplace

The term, 'smart building', is bandied about quite a lot. But what actually qualifies a workplace as smart?  Adrian Kimberley explains just what makes a workplace smart, and more importantly, the reasons for implementing this interconnectivity in the first place. Ultimately, the 'why' for collecting and visualising data is personal to every business From the crumbling

Wireless telemetry system

A critical component of farm operations, irrigation systems ensure regular water distribution to crops using a system of pumps, piping and sprayers. As water becomes a more scarce resource and affects operational costs, farmers must find ways to more precisely manage agricultural irrigation systems to help conserve water supplies while also operating more profitability. On

High performance motors for silent operations

End of line testing is a critical step in the production process. Defective products are separated from functional units by analysing the products vibro-acoustic behaviour pattern. This data provides crucial information regarding the condition of the product. However, any external ambient noise can corrupt this analysis resulting in unreliable results, which explains why a low-noise

Top tips for tooling success

There are several types of tool for surface preparation. To prepare for the unexpected, flooring contractors should keep their toolboxes as well-stocked as possible. However, no matter what tooling you plan to use, the wrong technique will give the wrong result, so choose wisely. Jim Sullivan gives three top tips for tooling success In Lake Turkana,

Stepping motor driver IC has an anti-stall feedback architecture

Toshiba Electronics Europe announces the launch of a stepping motor driver (TB67S289FTG) with a Toshiba-developed architecture that automatically detects and prevents stalling during operation. Stable and highly precise control is a basic operating requirement for motors used in printers, office appliances, banking terminals (including ATMs), cash dispensers and home appliances. Recent requirements have also emphasised

Automotive Part Manufacturer Adopts Casting Simulation Software

U-Shin is a global company specializing in access mechanism systems for the automotive industry. Founded in Japan in 1926, the company counts all major players in the automotive industry among its clients and lays claim to a portfolio of over 2,500 patents. The company manufactures a wide variety of casted metal products, ranging from small

Thermal analysis

Thermal analysis measures a material’s physical and chemical properties as a function of temperature. A free webinar from Mettler Toledo will explore how thermal analysis quickly and cost-effectively offers insight into materials behaviour to help with research and development, as well as quality control. All About Thermal Analysis will take place on Thursday, September 28th,

Harder, better, faster, stronger?

There will always be a case for human intervention in customer service, but there is no denying the potential of artificial intelligence in this sector. Roxanne Abercrombie explains how AI is changing customer service From plastic bags to shaving foam, electronic duo Daft Punk has used an array of eccentric headgear to hide their identities

Process-ready ultrasonic flowmeter

Designed to IP65 standards the Process Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises is built for use in demanding process and control environments. The Process Atrato is durably constructed from 316 stainless steel and PEEK, and incorporating proprietary ultrasonic flowmeter technology. Rated for use up to 65°C and 20Bar the compact Process Atrato is available in