Enabling an ageing infrastructure to meet future demands

It’s no secret that energy consumption is increasing around the globe. Cities are expanding at an alarming rate, and populations are growing exponentially — leading to an ever-increasing demand on the underlying infrastructure that powers our world. According to BP’s 2018 Energy Outlook report, competitive pressures within global energy markets are intensifying, and they believe that

Condition monitoring techniques examined

Asset management is a big piece of the puzzle amongst asset heavy businesses and having systems in place to control a large number of expensive machines and equipment is the most value-added way for such an enterprise to deal with its maintenance costs and long-term viability.    One way to do exactly that is to

New low-cost industrial thermometer

PCE Instruments has launched the infrared thermometer PCE-660, a low-cost model that measures temperatures of -50 to 380°C/-58 to 716°F, at an accuracy of ±4°C, ±2% or ±2°C, depending on the measured temperature. This thermometer is designed to measure very hot or moving objects from a safe distance, like in industrial environments, in the control

New barrier for marine oil spills

Continental has developed a new generation of floating oil barriers for use on the high seas. With a width of 3200mm, they are especially suitable for use on rough seas.  The energy requirements around the world mean an increase in the amount of crude oil transported by sea. This also brings an increase in the

Accelerated pre-heat treatment cleaning

A Java aqueous washing and drying machine has been supplied by Turbex to a UK manufacturer of automotive transmissions, resulting in a three-fold reduction in the time taken to prepare steel components for heat treatment. A basket of, say, 30 parts can now be processed in typically 15 minutes, whereas previously the same job took

New comms system for unmanned aircraft

e2E Services has launched a low-cost, low power, compact and lightweight satellite communication terminal, called e2Eaccess UAS-I, for enhancing communications connectivity of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). e2Eaccess UAS-I is a revolutionary product that will transform the operation of sUAS by facilitating an improvement in their ability to fly in EVLOS (Extended Visual Line of Sight)

AI incorporated in to autonomous vehicles

Hyundai Cradle, Hyundai Motor’s corporate venturing and open innovation business has announced it is investing in Perceptive Automata to develop artificial intelligence software for self-driving cars and automated systems. Perceptive Automata, a startup based in Somerville, Mass. with an office in Silicon Valley, has developed software that they claim gives autonomous vehicles the ability to

New conveyor belt design program

ABB enables customers to design conveyor pulley assemblies and belt conveyors for the first time with its web-based Dodge Passport design tool. These programs allow customers to create and order complete application-based solutions for bulk material handling applications typically found in mining, cement, aggregate and grain industries. Passport’s new conveyor pulley assembly designer allows users

New weather warning system for industrial facilities

Meteorological equipment specialists Biral has announced the launch of its new BTD-200 self-contained, standalone lightning warning system. The BTD-200 gives advanced warning of overhead lightning risk using its professional-grade detection system, all the more important for highly combustible industrial processes such as oil refineries and storage facilities as well as for petrochemical production where lightning

Are smart homes actually safe?

In 2017, online retail giant Amazon revealed its plans to introduce a smart home system that allows couriers to unlock its customer’s doors and leave packages inside. The announcement raised numerous concerns over security and here, Maria Torrisi at home automation provider JMartans Automation, explains how smart technologies can make homes safer.  Basic smart home technology