How pumps can save nuclear power plant money

Nuclear power facilities are equipped with large diesel generators that supply emergency power for important safety circuits in the event of a situation where a power outage requires critical pumps to operate and safety shutdown the reactor. Of these circuits, the ultimate heat sink (service water) pumps have one of the highest priorities, but they

Control system grows with photovoltaic plant as Azerbaijan builds national renewable power network

Operators of a 22MW photovoltaic park in the Naxçıvan Autonomous Republic in Azerbaijan can control all of its 8,000 solar panels from one supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) interface, which is designed to be easy and intuitive to use. The control system has been configured so that it is simple routine to accommodate extra

Biogas boost: Antti Heikkila reveals how new technology is enabling biogas plant optimisation

Governments around the world are seeking to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the fight against climate change, to reduce waste to landfill and to increase their utilisation of renewable energy in compliance with international agreements. Consequently, in many countries, subsidies have been made available to encourage the growth of the biogas sector. According to

Stabilising floating offshore wind turbines

Computer simulations pave the way for designs that aim to make pontoon turbines financially viable Wave simulation specialists hope to make offshore wind turbines in deep water more financially feasible by researching the best way to stabilise the floating pontoons they would have to sit on. Static turbines can be fixed to the ocean floor

The role of virtual power plants

When it comes to integrating renewable sources into a reliable power ecosystem, Morteza Seraj provides a practical overview of how virtual power plants can provide a valuable solution. The evolution of control software and electrical hardware solutions for renewable and distributed power generation are two major drivers for potential improvement in energy efficiency in the

Is this the best drone yet for rig & turbine inspection?

The Aerial Robotics Lab at Imperial has helped develop a new drone that could be used to independently inspect and repair damaged wind farms and oil rigs. The Lab is one of several partners in the international Offshore Robotics for Certification of Assets hub (ORCA), which has developed a four-legged robot — named ANYmal —

How will transport work in smart cities?

As smart cities continue to gain momentum, Horiba MIRA has stated it is critical that automotive and infrastructure providers work more collaboratively to bring connected and automated mobility (CAM) into the mainstream. It comes as latest figures predict that spending on smart cities will reach a record £151.5bn by 2023, with the acceleration of connected

New sensor designed to scan glass and specular surfaces

The ECCO 95.015G is SmartRay’s first sensor designed specifically for flat and specular reflective surfaces. Previously, the 3D scanning of these surfaces had not been possible, because the laser would pass through the glass.   SmartRay has combined its existing ECCO 95 sensor technology with optimised optics to enable the surface to be scanned, while

Wanted: Boat builders and textiles experts

British luxury supercar maker McLaren is on the hunt for some unexpected recruits for its new £50m innovation and manufacturing facility in Yorkshire in the North of England. Applicants with experience in a wide variety of sectors from boat-building to the textiles trade and sporting goods industries are being encouraged to apply for the next

Is this the future of 3D printer scanning?

Scanlab is about to launch a scan system control extension using a smart data-acquisition interface that reads diverse sensors. Additive manufacturing users could gain significant advantages from the ability to uniformly query and evaluate centralised process data.  Industrial manufacturing’s requirements are rising relentlessly. An increasingly vital criterion for quality control and product traceability is the